Inshore Saltwater Fishing

DSCN2698_7 (1)Fish within just minutes of leaving the dock! Specializing in small groups of 6 or less. Multiple boat trips also available for large group events. Tackle, bait, license and instruction included. Fishing for speckled trout, redfish, flounder and more. Let Capt. Cindy Frank customize your trip just for you. Fish aboard the 26′ Pangaroo or the 31′ Moonlighting, docked at the Grand Hotel Marriott. Children welcome!

Tackle, bait, saltwater licenses and instruction are all included. You bring whatever you would like to eat and drink. Regardless of your level of experience this can make great fun for families, friends, children, non-fisherman or “serious” fisherman….everyone has a good time which is, after all, what it’s all about.

With the smaller boats specializing in small groups of 6 or less we also can combined multiple boats for large groups trips or even offer fishing on some of our inshore reefs aboard the Joshua!


2.5 Hour “Mini” Charter-This charter was started primarily for families taking the younger ones out for their first experience on the water. Wanting them only to bring back great memories and not get tired from their first trip this seemed like a good option. Since then it has also worked well with people who are limited in their time or even those adults who aren’t quite sure about what may be their first time on the water. Often this trip is extended by the customer to the 4 hour charter once they realize how much fun it can be!

4 Hour (Half Day)Charter-Our most popular fishing charter. We can cover a little more area and of course more time means more time fishing! Don’t forget to bring whatever you want to eat and drink, we will take care of the rest.

DSCN1221What We Fish For

We fish for inshore saltwater species: speckled trout, white trout, flounder, redfish, sheepshead, black drum and so much more. We usually do not target a specific species unless requested to by the customer. Part of the fun of inshore saltwater fishing is you never know for sure what you are going to have on the end of your line!


The 26′ “Pangaroo” is a Angler Panga open fisherman powered by a 200 HPDI Yamaha. She has a large T-top for a bit of shade and also sports an 82lb thrust Great White trolling motor. This boat was chosen to run trips in this area, capable of giving a safe and easy ride in a variety of conditions including shallow water running. One to 6 passengers.

The 31′ “Moonlighting” is a Halter Marine Lafitte Skiff powered by a 250hp Cummins diesel. With a 12′ beam and a 2.5′ draft, hard-top, large fantail, small cabin with head, this boat is a very comfortable way to do some inshore saltwater fishing on Mobile Bay. One to 6 passengers. Docked at the Marriott’s Grand Hotel Marina at Point Clear.

DSCN0717_0009The 72′ Joshua” is actually a sailing schooner that also makes a great way to fish on Mobile Bay sans sails. Perfect for larger groups, up to 20 fisherman can be at the rail at a time with room for additional non-fishing guests. Bring your food and drink and enjoy this great way to spend some time on the water.


Rods and Reels: We fish ultra light to medium light spinning rods and reels which gives great sensitivity and thrilling action. Line may be either monofilament or braided.

Bait: Live shrimp whenever possible supplemented by artificial and whatever we catch in the cast net such as finger mullet, small croaker and bull minnows.

Artificial bait: Berkeley Gulp as well as soft plastics.

If you want to bring your own equipment its no problem! There’s plenty of room.